Meet the Team

NumbersAlive! Foundation is proud to have a leadership team of women educators. We augment a lean in-house team with a wide team of experts in design, music, architecture, science, arts, fashion, sports, etc. who cheerfully mentor students about mathematical applications. We remain flexible and able to respond to changing needs raised by parents, teachers or students.

Rebecca Klemm

Rebecca Klemm, PhD

Founder & Chief Numaginist

Dr. Rebecca Klemm, aka The Numbers Lady is the Founder Chief Numaginist of NumbersAlive! Foundation.

A lifelong teacher, inventor and entrepreneur, she led a research firm: Klemm Analysis Group, taught elementary to university students, and mentored women in mathematical thinking and entrepreneurship for 30+ years.

Iris Wesselmann

Youth Content Adapter

Iris Wesselmann, DEd, our Youth Content Adapter, is an experienced MS Math and Science educator passionate about exposing students to STEAM careers.

She has collaborated with Dr. Klemm for many years developing and implementing project-based learning activities and jointly presenting at ISTE conferences.

andrea perez losada

Andrea Perez Losada

Designer & Elementary Content Adapter

Andrea Perez Losada, our Designer & Bilingual Elementary Content Adapter, is an EFL educator and has 5+ years of experience teaching in underserved communities in Colombia and tutoring in the USA.

She is passionate about using problem solving and research skills to create student-centered lessons and human-centered designs.

Susan Rosenberg, CPA

Finance & Taxation Content Adapter

Susan Rosenberg, CPA has worked with Dr. Klemm for 30+ years and has ensured that all organizations were sufficiently funded and budgeted to survive.

She serves on the board and provides content for lessons and activities regarding finance and taxation.

Interested in joining our efforts to make math relevant to the lives of learners?