Transform Two Circles into a Square Selfie Frame!


Two Circles Activity
  1. Make two separate circle/rings with paper strips
  2. Tape WELL (both sides across the edges)
  3. Put the two circle/rings together perpendicularly
  4. Tape WELL (both sides through the original circles)
  5. Cut down the middle of EACH circle.
  6. After one circle is cut down the middle, ask yourself:
  7. Is that a square? If not, what might you call what you have?
  8. Cut down the middle of the other transformed circle
  9. Take a picture of you saying “wow” with the square selfie frame!

Now turn this into a STEM activity:

Hypothesize, then find out immediately:

  • Where each of the two colors will be if you make one circle of one color and the second of another color
  • What you will have if you make one large circle and one small circle
  • What the shape will be if you put the circles together NOT perpendicularly
  • What you will end up with if you substitute Moebius strips for the circles