Pi: the King of Circles!

In this episode Zero and the Digits get ready for Pi Day, March 14! Special Guest Pi brings along stories of pi in history, legislature, architecture and circles everywhere! Enjoy the fun finale, The March of the Pies! Fun for all ages.

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Most of the articles believe pi is actually part of the design of the pyramids through the use of a circle. Phi, however, was likely unknown by the Egyptians at the time of the building of the great pyramids. Phi appears not as part of the original design, but “after the fact” due to its own mathematical properties and relationship to pi. Notice that you can construct a right-angled triangle with sides, 1 square root of phi and hypotenuse phi. See attached picture. This mathematical characteristic likely have given rise to phi hiding in the dimensions of the great pyramids. But nobody knows for sure. A few links to a discussion (none endorsed by NumbersAlive!) follow. Do your own research and know that there is a lot written on this topic!

Download the learning guide and scavenger hunt.


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