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Very nice! Great activity for families and students of various ages! #mathematicalthinking https://t.co/3MXsxyuFpm
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Phenomena @NGSSphenomena
The lifecycle of a strawberry 🍓! What other creative lifecycles could we create that aren’t a butterfly 🦋 or frog 🐸 ? #ngss #ngsschat https://t.co/gNyrLF9nBD

5/17/2021 Numeracy Activity: if tax day is usually 4/15 how many days was it extended this year to today? Do weekend days matter? Discuss. If you will receive a refund, does it make sense to file later or earlier? Why? #mathintherealworld #elapsedtime #taxes #TaxDay2021

5/17/2021 Geometry Talk: look at these black things. What might they be for? Compare bottom 2 to other 2? Ideas? How might they fit together? Why would anyone want them to fit together? #engineering #rectangle #rug #explore #black #mathematicalthinking #mathintherealworld https://t.co/zFvblQLbOS numbersalive photo