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3, 1 & 4 are eating pie to celebrate the King of Circles! Last chance to get our fun Pi goodies: unique pi plushies, keychains, Pocket Pi of 400+ digits, Pi Holospex glasses, and 9 pi cards. Fun! Order by Mon 3/8! https://t.co/dhtaUcp4FP #piday #piday2021 #pi #circles https://t.co/w64lxFjVCW numbersalive photo

Get ready for Pi day March 14.
Watch the following youtube to learn how pi's digits are a good example of Uniform Distribution. Why we created Pocket Pi! Create frequency of digits 0-9 as they appear in Pi's sequence! https://t.co/dOeA4O8GNu #pi #piday #math #expansion #circles

Need some pi day goodies? Check out our Etsy & Amazon shops via links from the website: https://t.co/5u08Gc73iN. Order by Sun night Mar 7 for pi day Mar 14. Free standard US shipping. Plush pi with baker’shat, Pocket pi, pi keychain, pi Holospex glasses, & 9 pi postcards. https://t.co/b6G7GslmfR numbersalive photo