The Numbers Show!

NumbersAlive! presents numbers as fun and friendly characters who uncover numeric patterns embedded in everything in life, worldwide:  in art, science, architecture, sports, nature, culture, and folklore. We call this STEMifying math.

Our playful numbers come alive through their own storytelling, captivating children into learning in every discipline. Our series, The Numbers Show Starring Zero and the Digits is the latest content-rich storytelling product for children of all ages.

Find the Right Toys To Help Your Child Love Math

We sell learning tools we design and make.  Led by the Numbers Lady, NumbersAlive! works with students, parents and teachers to create engaging physical and digital learning tools for learners of all levels and all learning styles.  If you have difficulty with some area of math, let us know and we will create solutions to assist your understanding.

Math Activities

Learn math the way you wish you had when you were young!

We substitute memory-focused “manufactured” word problems, paper and digital worksheets without units with integrated applications and creative usages to make math meaningful.  Learn critical thinking math skills for life through engaged hands-on tools and contextual storytelling.

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