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Coming Fall 2021: Our Magical Garden

Follow the adventures of Big Boy, Turtle King of the pond, his turtle buddies, Dauphin and Sneaky and team of five fish. Plus hear the stories of the pond and garden plants, Dead Duck master of the garden sculptures, popcorn birds, and the baby birds born in Our Magical Garden.

August Highlight: Dr. Klemm speaks at the World Children’s Festival Banquet Award

Dr. Klemm’s speech focused on leading learners in the design side of geometry with puzzles to engage visual learners as an alternative to traditional math worksheets.

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Thanks all. I have suggestions for many typical math words or phrases that appear to make math lessons disjointed and unfriendly. Use the words “problem,” “rule,” “memorize,” etc. sparingly. Observe, discover, exercise, practice together, and many more are more encouraging. https://t.co/TCrPWRYNA8

Great concept! Too many folks either ignore the question or create some ridiculous response. Be honest and you will learn more. https://t.co/7pi3Jgq8zv