NumbersAlive! is excited to announce that the linked organization, NumbersAlive! Foundation has been approved as an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations received via the “donate” button or through formal communications can be deducted under IRS Section 170.

The Foundation will create experiences for families and community organizations and provide unique learning tools to students and schools with limited resources. Contact Dr. Klemm, if you wish to tailor your donation of $100 or greater to a specific program. Naming options are available for funding an episode(s) of the Global Traveling Numbers Show that allows students to participate in the development and production, day-or weeklong sessions of Building NumberOpolis!, professional training for parents and teachers, etc. If you wish to support making NumbersAlive!’s unique learning tools available to deserving students, parents or teachers, please contact Dr. Klemm: One hundred percent (100%) of ALL donations will go to programs or donations. Dr. Klemm will cover all administrative costs.