The Relationship Between Art and Math: Intentional or Unavoidable?

At a glance, art and math are at very different ends of the subject spectrum. However, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that they truly go hand in hand. At the most fundamental, math is found in art in every line, angle, shape, form, dimension, and pattern. Without even thinking about it, artists use math every time they pick up their paintbrush, pencil, clay – whatever medium they choose. Even if artists are free-handing, they are subconsciously measuring and calculating as they work. There are clear standard dimensions for a face, for example; the eyes have to be a certain distance apart, and within a certain distance from the chin. These measurements may not be precise, but they are a form of applied mathematics. Although rarely emphasized or taught explicitly in school, math is integral to and inseparable from art, and art brings math from the abstract to a visual format. For visual learners, art could be a valuable tool in learning how math can be applied in the real world.