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Hello Dr. Klemm – You ROCK!!! Thanks again for the numbers you sent to the Pre-Kindergarten Literacy Program. Greatly appreciated and they are being used in very creative ways.” –Burnette, Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools

The Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn (Illinois) has worked with Dr. Klemm as a pilot location as she worked to develop the NumbersAlive! program. We applaud her work.” –Adam Woodworth, Executive Director, The Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn (IL)

I’m still amazed at how thrilled Boys & Girls club youth are each time the “Numbers Lady” walks into the room they scream and run to greet her! This program is a hit and will surely impact youth in programs across the country.” –Tony, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington

I have introduced the book and your website to our kindergarten teachers at my school in Alexandria (Fairfax County schools) and they are ecstatic about your products! Our teachers want to purchase your products and help our students become global mathematicians!” –Sarah, Teacher, Fairfax County Schools

A big thank you and shout out to NUMBERSALIVE! … our special number backpack has arrived in AUSTRALIA !!! Our HF ASD [high functioning autistic] boy was so thrilled last night to receive an early 9th birthday present. After a severe meltdown we presented this and we never saw him all night, he slept with them and was in his room talking to them and making up stories, amazing. The service and communication to processing and delivering the order was fantastic. We’ll be back for he set of mid sized numbers I think for a Christmas gift. A big thumbs up “LIKE” from me and I’ll be sure to spread the word!” –Louise, Parent, Australia

The girls LOVE the package of goodies from NumbersAlive! Thanks ‘Auntie’ Rebecca Klemm for dreaming up such a fantastic way for kids to love math!” –Sanyin, Parent

I did get to share the number “gang” with camp counselors, children at the summer camp I visited and they LOVED Them! I asked the kids to talk to me about the numbers and how they would use the numbers! It was a hoot! The counselors wanted to keep them…! A little preschooler enjoyed putting the small numbers together into a circle and creating a number wreath! Just a little feedback!” – William Strader, early childhood educator

He has been carrying the around all day and he keeps asking me where the rest of the numbers are.” –Ericka, Parent

I bought the NumbersAlive! 10” numbers for my two year old granddaughter. We use them in games we play. Before we had them, she could count past ten and identify the numbers on a page. But, with the numbers, and using them in games, she is much more fluid in knowing which are which. She also knows that zero means nothing… for example, one game gives each of her numbers paper money for their real values. What does zero get? She holds up empty hands and says “No money for Zero.” –Bill, Grandparent

Dr. Klemm’s enthusiasm and experience as an educator combined with her dedication can offer children and schools a great opportunity with NumbersAlive! Her innovation with Team Ten promoting learning in a fun atmosphere that carries over into everyday life is brilliant.” –Kathlyn

NumbersAlive! is a great learning resource for kids, teachers and parents! Bravo, or should I say ‘High Five!’?” –Tom

I wish this idea had been thought of when I was growing up.” –Nancy

Great idea. Where was this when I was that age?” –Bill