Teachers,come see how NumbersAlive! can transform your classroom. We hope that you find our website, along with our ideas, as exciting and fun as your children and students do. We represent  an original approach to early childhood STEM Education, but shhh! Don’t tell your kids that while they are playing wih Team Ten, they are secretly building a foundation for future learning and career opportunities in math, science and engineering. We at NumbersAlive! believe two things: that STEM education must begin at an early age, and that numbers can be fun for all children. Please contact us for further information on hiring Dr. Klemm, The Number Lady, to do a workshop at your school on integrating NumbersAlive! into your curriculum. NumbersAlive! aligns with significant areas of the math curriculum. The plush number manipulatives are a great visual teaching aid as well as wonderfully interactive in the classroom. NumbersAlive! can help you and your colleagues integrate them into your classrooms most effectively. Activity Idea – Photographic Numbers Scavenger Hunt: Take your students on a photographic scavenger hunt around your school and playground and allow them to snap photos of the numbers they see around them. Students can look for numbers in shape (example: triangles for 3), name (example: Classroom 4), quantity (example: 6 peanuts) and order (example: 1st place ribbon). Once the photos have been taken, collect them and make a book out of them! Click here to see an example.

Lesson Lists profilepic_906f1b42-41ff-4c08-b4cc-ff666e29d555 We currently develop lessons for the Nepris web platform:

Activity Lists We have compiled a list of activity ideas for use with the plush numbers:

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