Review by Momma’s Bacon

August 22, 2013: NumbersAlive! Books for Young Travelers – Washington, DC was the subject of a glowing review by the blog Momma’s Bacon.

The full review reads:

175019426“A lady after my own heart, Dr. Rebecca Klemm (aka The Numbers Lady), received her Ph.D. in Statistics and began teaching math concepts in a simplistic way for students starting in grade 7 all the way to being on the faculty of Georgetown University School of Business. After spending 30 years of teaching, Dr. Klemm wanted to extend her audience to early education through her NumbersAlive! system that starts with the Team Ten (or numbers 0-9). Even though this was her very first book, it ended up as being the 2012 Book of the Year by Creative Child Magazine! Wow! The book not only incorporates the basic 0-9 numbers, kids also join the Team Ten around the nation’s capital to help children learn about the different shapes of numbers, counting and different sequences. It packs a lot of information in one book, but does it so seamlessly with funny characters children will not realize they are learning. The NumbersAlive! products have increased to plush toys for upcoming books as well as posters and more advanced math concepts from the STEM squad. Stay tuned because it looks like NumbersAlive! is just getting started!”

Thanks for the awesome review!