Math Anxiety

10/28/13 – “The Myth of ‘I’m Bad at Math’” (The Atlantic)
3/7/13 – “Anxiety Attack: Conquering the Fear of Math” (SchoolBook)
3/4/13 – “Math Anxiety Detected Before Fourth Grade…” (NYU)
2/20/13 – “Conquering Math Anxiety: The Power of Yay Math” (TED talk)
1/4/13 – “Why You Hate Math” (TED talk)
2012 – “The Role of Parents and Teachers in the Development of Gender-Related Math Attitudes” (Sex Roles Journal)
11/2/12 – “Fear of Math Can Cause Real Pain” (CBS News/Live Science)
9/25/12 – “Math Anxiety Hits Kids As Young as First Grade” (Go Local Prov)
5/25/2011 – “Female Teachers’ Math Anxiety Impacts Girls’ Math Achievement” (University of Chicago with NSF Grant)
2009 – “Is It True That Some People Just Can’t Do Math?” (American Educator)

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of collected quotes and research related to Math Anxiety.

 Early Childhood Math Education

3/6/14 – “Young Children ‘solve for x’ Using the Approximate Number System” (Johns Hopkins University in Developmental Science)
2/5/14 – “Finding the Missing Piece: Blocks, Puzzles and Shapes Fuel School Readiness” (Trends in Neuroscience and Education)
1/7/14 – “Give Them Math” (Too Small to Fail/Clinton Foundation)
10/21/13 – “Babies Are Born With Some Math Skills” (Science Now)
9/2/13 – “Field-Testing the Math Apps” (New York Times)
3/26/13 – “Scientists unravel how kids learn math, 1st grade abilities key to skills later on” (Associated Press)
1/30/13 – “Adolescents’ Functional Numeracy Is Predicted by Their School Entry Number System Knowledge” (PLoS ONE)
11/29/12 – “New Calculation: Math in Preschool” (Wall Street Journal)

 Teaching Math/How to Make Math Fun

3/3/14 – “5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus: Why playing with algebraic and calculus concepts – rather than doing arithmetic drills – may be a better way to introduce children to math” (The Atlantic)
10/7/13 – “Bach vs Beethoven. Tupac vs Biggie. Fun vs Education?” (KidScreen)
9/24/13 – “New Approaches to Teaching Fractions (Wall Street Journal)
9/15/13 – “How to Fall in Love with Math” (New York Times)
3/28/13 – “How to help students overcome elementary math anxiety” (DreamBox Learning)
4/11/12 – “Numbers game: America’s struggle to make math fun” (Reuters)
2011 – “Math in Riley’s World: Capitalize on natural opportunities to engage young children with math in their world, contribute to their kindergarten readiness, and develop five-year-old mathematicians.” (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
2010 – “Infusing Math with Literacy” (Reading Today)
2001 – “Young Children Need More Math” (Education Week)

 Girls in STEM

8/26/12 – “Do Girls Really Experience More Math Anxiety?” (Association for Psychological Science)
2/4/13 – “Girls Lead in Science Exam, But Not in the United States” (New York Times)
2012 – “Generation STEM: What Girls Say about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” (Girl Scouts research publication)
Links on women in STEM (from Great Science for Girls)
Research links (from the Center for STEM Education for Girls)
Links on engaging girls in STEM (from National Girls Collaborative Project)

 Problems with STEM Education

11/12/13 – “The Stereotypes that Distort How Americans Teach and Learn Math” (The Atlantic)
“Why STEM Matters” Infographic (Top Education Degrees)
“The STEM Crisis” (National Math + Science Initiative)
“How Does the U.S. Compare to Other Countries in STEM Education?” (Level Playing Field Institute)
9/9/13 – “Intel Foundation: Changing Attitudes is Key in STEM Education” (US News & World Report)
12/11/12 – “U.S. Students Still Lag Globally in Math and Science, Tests Show” (New York Times)

 STEM in Careers

8/27/13 – “The Hidden STEM Economy” (Technical Education Magazine)
4/12/13 – “Jobs of the Future Require STEM Skills” (US News & World Report)


3/13/14 – “A Study Seeks to Determine What Makes Prekindergarten Successful” (New York Times)
10/16/13 – “What Happens When a Language Has No Numbers?” (Slate)
12/5/12 – “The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains” (LifeHacker)
9/20/12 – “Storytelling for Children” (Child Development Institute)
2/11 – “Supporting School Improvement through Play: An Evaluation of South Gloucestershire Council’s Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) Programme” (Play England)
1/10 – “A Conversation with Dr. Alison Gopnik” on learning through play (National Association for the Education of Young Children)
“Play and Children’s Learning” resources and links (from the National Association for the Education of Young Children)