12 Notes of Christmas Set–Film or Daily Family Video and Set of Numbers 0-9 to Decorate the Christmas Tree


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Celebrate Shakespeare’s 400+th Legacy Anniversary with the NumberOpolis Players, Numbers 0 to 9!

Join the numbers on their global quest as they gather instruments to serenade Shakespeare on Twelfth Night. Share fun and learning with the whole family along the way. Explore the world with the numbers to learn about holiday traditions, food, music, and more from diverse cultures.

As Duke Orsino says in Twelfth Night, “If music be the food of love, play on!”

The 12 Notes of Christmas Set includes:

12 Notes of Christmas DVD

This delightful animated film will make a world traveler of you in just 25 minutes. Join the numbers as they explore the globe, visiting countries and continents to form a truly international band for Shakespeare’s 400+th legacy anniversary on each of the 12 days of Christmas, plus Christmas Day.

December 25: Christmas Day
Scene 1: 0 meets Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon and learns about his 400+thlegacy  anniversary
Scene 2: 0 tells numbers 1 to 9 about his idea to assemble a band to celebrate Shakespeare’s
400+th legacy anniversary at the opening of Twelfth Night at the Globe Theater
December 26, 1st Day of Christmas: 1 finds the Didgeridoo in the Land of Oz
December 27, 2nd Day of Christmas: 2 finds the Marimba in West Africa
December 28, 3rd Day of Christmas: 3 finds the Trumpet in the land of the Pharaohs
December 29, 4th Day of Christmas: 4 finds the Mandolin where Romans once ruled
December 30, 5th Day of Christmas: 5 finds Temple Blocks in Eastern Asia
December 31, 6th Day of Christmas: 6 finds the Fife at the land of the Christmas Tree
January 1, 7th Day of Christmas: 7 finds the Sitar at the heart of the Moghul Empire
January 2, 8th Day of Christmas: 8 finds the Bagpipes in the land of Macbeth
January 3, 9th Day of Christmas: 9 finds the Kelstone in the country of inventor Jan van Kelst
January 4, 10th Day of Christmas: 10 finds the Charango in the Andes Mountains
January 5, 11th Day of Christmas: 11 finds the Oud in the Middle East
January 6, 12th Day of Christmas
Scene 1:  12 finds the Nyckelharpa in Northeastern Europe
Scene 2: Twelfth Night, the NumberOpolis Players celebrate Shakespeare’s 40+th Anniversary Legacy  at
the opening of Twelfth Night at the Globe Theater, London

Set of clip keychains of plush numbers, 0-9

A set of clip plush number keychains helps to bring the NumberOpolis Players to life. Hang them on your tree as decorations.  Order a second 0, 1, and 2 to review during each of the 13 daily sections of the film.  Or, kick off the learning fun with family bonding by using the little number friends to decorate the house. After the holidays are over, the plush numbers can find new lives as backpack decorations or as keychains!

Coordinated family discussion questions

Carefully prepared exploration questions transform passive learning into interactive, collaborative exploration. Parents and kids can connect in inquiry, exploring the rich details of the animated scenes and applying multidisciplinary knowledge to dig deeper.

Discussion questions available online here.