Number Linx Puzzle and Memory Game System

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Number Linx puzzle and memory game is a multi-layered system to learn geometry and arithmetic together.  The system develops imgination and cognitive connections across all “disciplines” and links geometry and arithmetic together.

Number Linx was awarded the gold (top) award in education at the US INPEX invention show in 2016.  The patent was issued in August 2016 and has generated a new conjecture in geometry.  Number Linx was awarded the top invention of North America at the 2017 ICAN invention convention in Toronto during August 2017.

You won’t find another puzzle like it, with every geometric element or card linked to numbers!

Due to the laser cut versions available now, we are updating the pictures of Number Linx and videos of the multitudes of ways to play for years.

The 2016 patented puzzle and related matter allows for multiple players to team together and learn while having a lot of fun. “You worked hard to make us think” is the comment of a 1st grader. The entire system scaffolds in difficulty for learners aged 2-10.

Instructions for Number Linx are being updated and will be presented via video due to the many years of playing and learning from this system.

General Description:  Like a lynx, children 3+ learn to link numerical secrets of shapes and pictures in a manipulative puzzle game. The decagon base, with cut-outs for each number 0 to 9, houses physical representations of numbers at progressive levels of difficulty. Children develop spatial and sensory skills when using the Number Linx puzzle pieces to trace shapes and numbers. Removable insert pictures show links between numbers, language, art, music, science, etc. and can be used as a vocabulary development tool or a memory game. Purchase the base and each individual level of pieces desired.

Number Linx is laser cut right here in the USA!

Prices for the first 100 sets:

Level 1 package consists of decagon base, Level 1 pieces and 70 memory cards. Price $155 plus $25 for shipping.

Each additional set of pieces varies form $35-$50  (Level  Languages or drawings can be added to the memory cards as part of the 20 blank cards.

Cost for all 4 sets of pieces (level 1, level 2–stars,  level 3–languages and level 4) sets of pieces, set of 70 memory cards and the decagon puzzle base is $240.00 ($275 if purchased separately). Suitable for pre-K – 5th grade. Level 4 is considerably more difficult than levels 1, 2 or 3.

Level 2 pieces consist of two pieces per shape/polygon; one includes a small number piece colored to match the plush numbers and the other a similarly-colored star with the number of arms as the number.

Level 3 includes 3 languages, English, French and Spanish are standard, and the backs of each piece are engraved with grams with the same number of arms as the points of the shape/polygon. Both levels 2 and 3 consist of two pieces of the same geometric shape (e.g., pentagons) that fit together to make an equilateral pentagon.

Level 4 includes 4 of each shape to fill in the equilateral polygon base cutout.  Each piece to fill the base polygons has the same number of points/sides as the final equilateral shape/polygon.

Other languages are available through special order. Contact NumbersAlive! for details. 202-652-1820.

Prices for various options will be updated on the website soon and the below video will be updated to reflect the current pieces.