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myPi is the perfect gift for any Geek on your shopping list. Wait for the “Wow!” when anyone takes a look around while wearing the Pi refraction glasses. Don’t forget to leave a pair of Pi glasses out for for company to enjoy! myPi is packed with tons of playful STEM fun.  Toss plush pi around the room while reciting the colorful decimal expansion printed on its side, wear the pi(e)-baker hat to show your culinary calculations while creating pies in the kitchen, or pull out Pocket pi (400+ digits on the measuring tape) to lead Pi digit competitions with your friends, young and old. Send your Geek friends Pi cards, or decorate your room or office if you find them too fun to send away. All are packaged to enjoy the symbol of math and STEM now and in preparation for Pi day, March 14!

Pi (π) is the leader of NumbersAlive!’s forthcoming STEM Squad® of innovative, educational plush figures of advanced math and science concepts. Features of Pi’s myPi pack include:

  • soft, cuddly plush design
  • pie-baker’s hat Pi’s geometric definition inside
  • colorful printed expansion of Pi’s digits
  • Pocket Pi with 400+ digits of Pi and cm measurements
  • Pi refraction glasses
  • 8 Pi cards to share with friends

myPi is a perfect gift for geeks and math builders!

The following youtube video presents an activity that can be done with Pocket Pi: make pi’s pie chart!

MyPi is award-winning! Creative Child Magazine recognized Plush Pi with a 2014 Preferred Choice Award and Pocket Pi with a 2014 Seal of Excellence.

Educators and schools: ask about our special discounts!

Additional shipping charges may apply to international orders.

Buy the pieces separately: Plush Pi, Pocket Pi, and Pi Refraction Glasses.