International Shipping Europe



Until we update our entire website, including the store, we ask that you enter a USA address (see below) and then put a note into the notes section.  We will email you for clarification as we prepare the customs form.

Whatever the European language, shipping from USA is an additional $23 (plus the $4.95 USA packing and shipping charge).  This will cover the actual cost to ship via international post to most any European country.

Please do NOT put your European address in the ship to address, but rather enter the following USA address into the ship to address:

your name

2620 Dumbarton Street, NW

Washington, DC  20004

We will pull the item when preparing the customs form and ship to your own address, which you can put into the notes area.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email the actually shipping address and any other issues to

We will ship international post which will take 1-3 weeks.  We will send the USA tracking number as soon as shipped.

If you wish faster shipping, please let us know and we will determine the cost and respond to you immediately.