I Spy Pi


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Bring out I Spy Pi to complement holiday parties, Pi Day celebrations, and STEM gatherings with everyday discovery.

Pi itself takes form as a cute plush ornament to decorate the home. See small Plush Pi’s smiling face, and then turn it over to find the beginning of its decimal expansion printed in bright colors on the back.

As Pi prompts you to explore, pop on a pair of Pi refraction glasses (share the spare with a friend) to see little Pi dancing in the light all around you when you look directly at a light source (not filtered light).  Wait for the “Wow” from someone who looks through the glasses for the first time.  As shown in a picture, looking at a series of small lights is when the glasses are at their best!

When all your playful fun is done, use the handy pull-chain/keychain to take Pi with you on all your adventures hanging from your backpack.

The keychain makes a great tree ornament and put the glasses on the tree to look at the lights.

Whether as a stocking stuffer or a decoration, I Spy Pi spreads delight and discovery wherever it goes!

I Spy Pi includes:

  • One Pull-chain/keychain  plush Pi
  • Two Pi Refraction Glasses