HI 5! FABRIC BABY NUMBERS BOOK–Foundational STEM book for tiny hands



The Hi 5! fabric book is an ideal baby’s first gift. The book helps young children make friends with numbers 1-5 using their hands. The inviting embroidery, crinkle fabric, and small numbers who peek out of the pages charm young children, ensuring that they grow up loving numbers. Explored through touch and sound, Hi 5!’s engagement features allow children to trace numbers and shapes (i.e, 2-pointed heart with a “foil mirror” and a fuzzy triangle and three small embroidered triangles for 3).

The covers show embroidered hands with the numbers 1-5 and the handle allows the child to carry “MY numbers book.”

With Hi 5!, parents know that they have put their child ahead of the learning game.

Features of Hi 5! include:

  • engagement features to stimulate young minds
  • caring handle to encourage interaction
  • washable fabric to keep kids safe

Hi 5! was named one of the top 6 independently-published children’s picture books of 2015 at the 2016 American Library Association Annual Conference.