Parents, help numbers come alive for your children! The products that we have designed build a childhood foundation for lifelong mathematical education without worksheets or flashcards. NumbersAlive! books are perfect for children to explore on their own and for parents to read aloud. A look inside one of our titles will show you that each book is a portal to further exploration for you and your children. Wondering why Team Ten meets Zero off the coast of Ghana? Let your children investigate the history of longitude and latitude, and learn on their own about Zero’s home on the map. Allowing your children to explore the linkages between math and art, literature, history, science, and architecture through our books will provide not only entertainment, but also fundamental learning. NumbersAlive! plush toys give children a uniquely hands on way of interacting with numbers. Whether to provide a visual aid in working through early math, or simply to play with, NumbersAlive! plush number toys are extremely versatile. We have our own ideas about what to do with them, but we would also love to hear your ideas on what you do with them! Photographic Scavenger Hunt Activity Idea – Photographic Numbers Scavenger Hunt: Take your children on a photographic scavenger hunt around your neighborhood and allow them to snap photos of the numbers they see around them. Children can look for numbers in shape (example: triangles for 3), name (example: 4th street bakery), quantity (example: 6 peanuts) and order (example: 1st place ribbon). Once the photos have been taken, collect them and make a book out of them! Click here to see an example. profilepic_906f1b42-41ff-4c08-b4cc-ff666e29d555

Lesson Lists

Activity Lists We have compiled a list of activity ideas for use with the plush numbers: