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Penned by Rebecca Klemm, Ph.D., The Numbers Lady


Numbers Alive! Books for Young Travelers: Washington DC. 2012. (ISBN 978-0-9853667-0-4)
DC Book CoverThis book makes a perfect gift for young explorers. By following Team Ten (the numbers 0-9) to their favorite locations around the city, linked to their numerical personalities, children learn as they explore America’s capitol.

The DC book demonstrates the relevance of numbers to everyday life by depicting the numbers in photographs of real-world locations. Taken from a child’s-eye view, the pictures help kids engage with the city as they experience it. Kids learn to see numbers all around them, from city sites to sports and history.

Parents and teachers should take special note of the DC book’s suite of enrichment tools. An annotated map helps educators take children on their own adventure by following Team Ten from landmark to landmark. Fun facts sprinkled throughout the book remind kids of the importance of numbers and help educators make the most of their trip. Finally, a guide for parents and teachers provides helpful hints for using the book.

With Numbers Alive! Books for Young Travelers: Washington DC, your trip to the capitol is sure to be remembered.

Hello Numbers. 2014. (ISBN 978-0-9853667-1-1)
Hello Numbers Cover with awardsHello Numbers develops foundational numeracy by introducing children to the fun and friendly number characters of Team Ten (0-9). By turning the numbers into characters, Hello Numbers makes them approachable and sets kids on the path to engagement. After introducing the team, the book teaches children the importance of Zero to making new numbers and setting place value: a concept fundamental to future success with math.

In addition to engaging narratives that help kids understand numbers, Hello Numbers comes packed with engagement features that keep children excited to learn. A decoder in the shape of Zero allows children to discover secrets on each two-page spread and a set of 72 stickers lets them make their own numbers.

Hello Numbers combines with tactile, auditory, and interactive learning tools to form the Hello Numbers Discovery Pack: winner of an Academics Choice Award for brain-boosting toys, a Teachers With Apps Pick, and a prestigious 5-star review from The Educational App Store. With magnetized plushes of the Hello Numbers characters kids learn about our base-ten number system by composing new numbers with their hands. A CD lets kids get to know the numbers through song and encourages them to translate the meanings of the numbers in to action by inventing dances.  The free Hello Numbers tablet app completes the package with digital tools to continue the learning adventure. Kids can even use their decoder from the book to uncover secrets on the screen.

The numerical literacy that children develop through engaged exploration supports STEM studies and sends them into the new school year ready to succeed.

Hi 5! 2015. (ISBN 978-0-9853667-4-2)
Hi5CoverTransparentSmallThe Hi 5! fabric book, named one of the top 5 independently published children’s picture books of 2015, makes an ideal baby gift. The book helps young children make friends with numbers 1-5 and begin learning what they mean in shape and count via their hands.

The inviting embroidery and crinkle fabrics of this book charm young children (0-3), ensuring that they grow up loving numbers. Explored through touch and sound, Hi 5! includes engagement features for each number 1-5 and small numbers to feel. For example, number 2’s page allows a child to trace an embroidered two-pointed heart. The covers show embroidered hands with the numbers 1-5 and the handle allows the child to carry “MY numbers book.”

With Hi 5!, parents know that they have put their child ahead of the learning game.

Team Ten Makes a Fruit Basket. 2014. (ISBN 978-0-9853667-3-5)
Team Ten Makes a Fruit BasketThis book prepares young children to enter the world of numbers by practicing cumulative counting skills with the fun and friendly members of Team Ten® (the numbers 0-9) as they collect fruits from around the world.

Team Ten Makes a Fruit Basket begins with Zero, who has no fruit but dreams of a fruit basket, and ends when Ten adds a mango to complete the basket. By giving the numbers faces and engaging personalities, Team Ten Makes a Fruit Basket makes math exciting, not frightening. That excitement promotes engagement and prepares kids to explore.

Team Ten Makes a Fruit Basket is unique in that it allows young children to practice cumulative counting. Kids don’t simply identify the number of objects on a page, they learn to add by keeping a tally of fruits, from 0 at the beginning, to 10 at the end.

Team Ten Makes a Fruit Basket makes young children want to explore the world with numbers and gives them the tools to do so.