Millennials Love to Learn

Millennials are often criticized as having short attention spans and getting bored quickly. However, Lori Goler, head of HR at Facebook, recently said that millennials move from task to task, and job to job quickly not because they have lost interest, but because they want to learn more. Rafael Solis, co-founder, CMO & SVP of product at Braidio, added that “Millennial employees want to know what they are doing and why they are doing it.”

These observations about millennials’ affinity for learning and understanding what they are doing illustrate just one way workplace culture is changing. In contrast to previous generations, millennials care more about “being open, being transparent internally, being bold, having impact…[and finding a] sense of meaning and fulfillment at work and in your work,” according to Goler.

Solis believes that “To capitalize and instill passion in these life learners, businesses need to create a self-sustaining culture of learning and development.” In other words, modern-day businesses should make changes such as increasing trainings and workshops, being more transparent, and encouraging employees to learn and develop. Embodying millennial values will increase employee job satisfaction and help companies become more successful by showing they understand what today’s consumers find important.


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