“New toys for kids struggling in math” from template
January 13, 2014: Kids who are natural born mathematicians are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is a lost cause. Dr. Rebecca Klemm – an actual mathematician and known as “The Numbers Lady” has created a line of toys and books aimed at kids ages three to 12 who just aren’t good at anything having to do with numbers.The line, called NumbersAlive!, was made with the goal to make numbers seem a bit more inviting than they look in a textbook.

For kids under five, there is a collection of plush numbers characters to choose from, and for school-age kids, there is a variety of games, based on skill levels. One game, the Number Linx puzzle is for kids ages three and up and helps them learn the names of shapes and the number of sides each shape has. Another item, the Numbers Discovery Pack comes with plush numbers, an activity book, stickers and a decoder where kids can discover secrets, based on simple math.

As of now, the toys are only available online and are not in stores. Click here to see the full line.

By Emily Laurence. Click here to read the original post.