Math Activities For Parents

NumbersAlive! is particularly interested in helping parents with activities and lessons to enhance classroom lessons or any homeschool curriculum.

All numbersalive activities and learning tools evolve from working with parents, teachers and students.  Depending on the questions posed, Dr. Klemm designs meaningful math projects to do at home.  All such activities are focused on actual life usage to ensure great foundational arithmetic and measurement/geometry.

During the first quarter of 2019, NumbersAlive! will launch a video subscription series, Home Learn. It will provide both fun and useful daily living activities in all disciplines demonstrating how math is a useful ally everywhere.  All will be led by the application and, thus, if your child is interested in a particular discipline, then you will be able to select math activities within their interest.  All will be linked to curriculum so you can be sure that your child will meet all of the standards, and excel beyond the graded standards both in understanding and appreciation of math’s relevance. Do expect your child to zoom through the fun activities and build and make tools that demand mathematical thinking.  You will want to join in!


Until the subscription series is available, we suggest you consider the Hello Numbers Discovery Pack for children aged 3-9.  Age-appropriate activities are provided that bring the child from recognizing each member of Team Ten® (numbers 0-9) but how the base 10 system of today works:  that the single digit numbers 0-9 are the “alphabet” of the base 10 system to create all numbers.  There is no need to stop at counting to 20 as desired by Kindergarten.  Once a child understands how to construct multi-digit numbers (using the small magnetic numbers makes this fun and engaging in the child’s hands), they don’t want to stop.  Inquiry-based lessons include creating as many possible arrangements of 3, 4, and 5, for example, which introduces the statistical concept of permutations (taught in AP statistics courses).


Secondarily we suggest our patented Number Linx puzzle and game system which was named the best invention of North America in 2017 at ICAN. Unlike standard structured math lessons in endless workbooks, this system allows for understanding that geometry is the historic basis of current mathematics—ancient cultures created systems based on measurement. Algebraic thinking did not evolve until the introduction of Zero around 1300 AD from India (historians are finding new evidence of perhaps 900 AD). Relating shapes and world patterns to numbers gives a nod to the history of mathematics and the importance of geometry as the continual growing aspect of mathematics for the future. With emphasis on technology and space, geometric mathematics and statistics are of paramount importance yet little time is spent in classroom lessons on these areas of mathematics.

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