Journal of Public Diplomacy in the Americas

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August 8, 2014- Dr. Rebecca Klemm was featured on page 3 of the June/July issue of the Journal of Public Diplomacy in the Americas, with a story about her visit to Barbados. The Journal is published by the Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs.

The “Numbers Lady” Promotes STEM through Sports in Barbados

image1Embassy Bridgetown hosted IIP speaker Dr. Rebecca Klemm, also known as the “Numbers Lady,” in Barbados June 1-4. In a series of presentations, she used her exuberant presentation skills to explain the complexities of math and science in everyday language, reinforcing key concepts through sports such as cricket, soccer, and track and field. In addition to leading a series of workshops with students, teachers, and coaches, she led an evening workshop for the general public. Dr. Klemm also included a number of fun historical and cultural references in her presentation in order to engage the diverse audience, which included a wide age-range of children, as well as parents and math and science enthusiasts.

The results of Dr. Klemm’s series of workshops were twofold; classroom teachers were taught ways to enlist coaches to reinforce the principles taught in the classroom, and coaches were given some simple exercises that will help them incorporate math and science into their practices to improve student athletes’ academic performance. This program focused on ensuring children’s success in school and strengthening the cadre of students interested in STEM fields, proven drivers of economic development. The promotion of STEM though sports also aligns with the Embassy’s youth outreach strategy and CARICOM ’s youth development goals, which include educational opportunities and sports for all youth.

Click here to download the full journal in PDF. Click here for other press coverage of Dr. Klemm’s visit to Barbados and Dominica.