Family Review Center Awards

“Family Review Center LOVES NumbersAlive!” Team Ten Plush has won three awards from the Family Review Center: Seal of Approval, Gold Award, and Editor’s Choice.

Read the full review:

“These 10″ plush numbers can be purchased as a set, or individually. The pricing shown is for the entire set. Individually they sell for 15.95 at the time of this review (subject to change in the future).

We have added this product line to our special needs and disability friendly category, because we feel they will be of help to children who may struggle in the area of math and numbers, by giving them a hands on approach that will make it more viable and real to them, so they can connect things easier in their mind.

For all children, these darling numbers will come to life to make learning and play more fun. What once seemed boring (math and numbers) now take on a life of their own and become more personal, so they will not seem scary, but will be something your child will embrace and enjoy.

Along with the plush set, comes a sheet of activities for parents and teachers to implement with their children, to enhance the effectiveness of them. Fun and simple ideas that work. From recognition to interaction, NumbersAlive! has thought of it all.

I suggest this set for preschools, daycares, kindergarten classes, homeschoolers, and for tutors. As mentioned above, I also strongly encourage them for those who have children with learning disabilities or challenges. Be sure to stop by their website to see all of the great tools they have to offer to enhance your child’s experience and learning.”