E-Readers Can’t Replace Books – But They Can Supplement Them

The Guardian published an article earlier this week claiming that while it may seem “that young people are giving up on traditional media,” that is not actually the case (link included below). In fact, when it comes to the paper book vs. e-reader debate, “A survey carried out for the Bookseller Children’s Conference in 2015 claims that 16-24 year olds…prefer physical books to digital books, with 64% saying print books were their favourite.” However, “the world is turning increasingly digital” and technology can open the door to new possibilities, especially in the field of education – and that is exactly why we have created an app to go along with the “Hello Numbers” book and Team Ten. The young reader can read the book with an adult, or explore it with decoder by him- or herself, but the digital app (free for download from Amazon.com) adds an element of interaction with things to touch and hear. With the app the “reader” can explore with Team Ten in ways the book does not allow. It’s also important to remember that little compares to “the feeling of actually holding a book” and being to flip back and forth through the pages, but together the book and the app re-enforce and enhance each other.