Dr. Toy Awards for myPi

October 2, 2014- Dr. Toy named myPi as one of its 100 Best Children’s Products and 10 Best Educational Toys for 2014.

The 100 Best Children’s Products Awards Program was developed by child development specialist Stevanne Auerbach (a.k.a. Dr. Toy), providing a valued service to consumers who desire to purchase safe, affordable, educationally-oriented, and stimulating toys and play products for children. The award-winning products include innovative toys, books, crafts, games, puzzles, and many other play products for children of all ages and interests.

Within the 100 Best, the program recognizes 10 awardees in each category: Active, Audio/Video, Building, Children’s, Creative, Educational, Games, Socially Responsible, and Toys. Click here to view the list of 10 Best Educational Products, including myPi.

“We should be thinking: What products or ‘tools for play’ can we obtain to provide wholesome experiences for our children and provide plenty of positive and meaningful play interactions?” says Dr. Auerbach. “The toys and products selected meet our high standards for design, durability, price, quality, safety, and value.

MyPi is a unique two-part combination product. Plush Pi is a soft, 3D figure with a friendly face, Pi’s expansion printed around the rim, and a white baker’s hat. Pocket Pi is a tape measure with centimeter measurements on one side and Pi’s expansion on the other side. A perfect gift for math geeks and math learners of all ages! Click here to learn more or to purchase.