Designing an outdoor play and learning space

Dr Klemm led the design of an outdoor play and learning space at a new school in UAE. As an educator who has worked with schools, invented learning tools, programs and activities, she was approved as the consultant by administrators and teachers.

One of the design drawings presented illustrates the types of typical equipment and layout of one area of the outdoor play and learning space.
Activities using the equipment were developed for teachers to better use the equipment as an outdoor space for their curriculum. Since most teachers create or use curriculum within the interior of the school, this training is critical to ensure that the outdoor space is used as planned and that they add to the possibilities.

Dr. Klemm spoke at the 2019 TX STEM conference in San Antonio assisting schools with the design-thinking and learning-thinking steps and pitfalls inherent in such an endeavor. There are political, physical and learning issues involved in such an assignment.

If you are considering doing something at your school, please contact for ideas as to how to begin the journey.