Danica McKellar, Actress and Mathematician

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Not only did Danica McKellar play a smart young girl on “The Wonder Years,” but she loves math in real life, too, proving she “looks the part” just as much as anyone else. In NOVA’s “Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers” series, McKellar explains that after “The Wonder Years,” she went to UCLA where she took a math class she was scared of. “I got a five on the AP Calculus BC exam, which is the highest score you can get on the most difficult calculus exam offered in high school and I didn’t think I’d do well? Who did I think would do well? Somebody who looked the part more than me.” And yet, she got the highest score in her first multivariable calculus class and became a math major and math tutor, even co-writing a research paper that proved a new theorem. McKellar’s math experience is not unlike what we hear all too often – that math is scary and not for everyone, only those people who “look the part.” And yet, McKellar has proved that that’s not true.


Watch the whole video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KLMhhqCsbU

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