Common Core Continues to Cause Conflicted Feelings

Teachers had mixed feelings about Common Core State Standards initially, and continue to feel conflicted about them, “saying both that they set unrealistic expectations and will have long-term benefits, according to the results of a survey by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.” The Fordham Institute conducted a survey of a representative sample of 1000 K-8 public school math teachers and found that, among other things, the new standards have caused parental confusion and decreased their ability to help with math homework, increased math anxiety, and led to teachers spending more time on multiple methods of solving problems which teachers say is frustrating for students. Teacher responses were split nearly evenly over whether provided instructional materials are actually aligned to the standards. Many say that they rely on materials they or colleagues have created. It is clear that Common Core is shaking up math instruction, and it is therefore necessary to also update the instructional materials provided to ensure teachers have an arsenal of high-quality resources on hand with which to teach to these new standards and prepare students to succeed and compete in a global world.


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