North Carolina Museum of Art Thought Partners Summit

January 30


Dr. Klemm serves as a Thought Partners for NCMA. Thought Partners help stimulate and guide the planning process by:
• contributing questions/issues current in their respective fields,
• sharing their unique vision for the future of education,
• responding to guiding questions generated by the planning team,
• recommending international models,
• helping to identify gaps in knowledge and practice,
• responding to the team’s vision statement and outcomes, and
• recommending ways of disseminating team solutions and models nationally.

“The Twelve Notes of Christmas”

December 26-January 6


The videos are available to view at or on the NumbersAlive! youtube channel. “To celebrate the 400th year of Shakespeare’s legacy in 2016, NumbersAlive! will release at noon each day between December 26, 2015 and January 6, 2016 a free-to-view animated video featuring the Numberopolis Players performing a festive mash-up of the 12 Days of Christmas with Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Embarking on a journey around the globe — from Europe, to Australia, Africa, Asia and the Americas — the Numbers 0 – 9 will explore historic musical instruments and local traditions in the countries they visit.”

–Review by A Geek Daddy,

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