Kidscreen Summit, Miami, FL

February 8-11


Kidscreen Summit is renowned as the kids entertainment industry’s most important annual event. Top executives attend Kidscreen Summit to take advantage of the year’s best business networking, and to engage in critical dialogue on issues that affect the industry.

Pinewood Studios, London, UK Networking Event

February 4


Pinewood Studios is one of the world’s leading destinations for the makers of film, television, commercials and video games. Pinewood is strengthening its global network of Studios in key growth markets around the world, with state of the art facilities in…Canada, Malaysia, the Dominican Republic and Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.

Nuremberg Toy Fair, Germany

February 1-2


This is where international toy markets come together: renowned brands, toy novelties, trendy start-ups, buyers of large chains, independent retailers and a plethora of media representatives make the toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany, the most important event for the toy industry.

Puzzle-Off Challenge

October 23, 2015


Puzzle-Off Challenge
1776DC 12th Floor
4:30 – 7:00 pm Friday, October 23, 2015

1776DC member NumbersAlive! has developed and received a design patent for Puzzling Polygons in September 2015 so it is time to celebrate with a fun and friendly puzzle competition!

Create your puzzle team of 2-4 colleagues and demonstrate your puzzle smarts by conquering the 4 sets of puzzling polygons in the picture below. Prize for the team solving the four puzzles first!

Goal: Make an equilateral triangle of the 6 triangle pieces, equilateral quadrilateral of the 6 quadrilaterals, equilateral pentagon of the 6 pentagons and equilateral hexagon of the 6 hexagons.

Sound simple? Think “Rubic’s Cube” for Polygons!

Beer, wine and snacks for all—participants and those who encourage the teams from the sidelines.



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