INPEX Invention Show

June 7-9, 2016

This weekend, June 7-9, The Numbers Lady will be traveling to Pittsburgh, PA for INPEX’s Invention Show where she will exhibit the newly patented Number Linx/Puzzling Polygons. NumbersAlive! will have a booth at the show that will also display a clock floor puzzle and a decagon floor puzzle. The clock puzzle has 25 pieces, and when assembled a dodecagon-shaped clock is created that shows not only the hours but also the minutes in five minute increments. Hopefully we’ll meet some new friends who are excited to see NumbersAlive! continue to create and grow! Feel free to stop in and say hello at Booth 514!


CLock Puzzle

NumbersAlive! to present at the ISTE STEM Playground!

The ISTE STEM Network has informed us that NumbersAlive! have been selected as a presenter at the 2016 ISTE STEM Playground STEM: A New Way of Thinking. We are pleased to have the opportunity to showcase our contributions to STEM education at the 2016 ISTE Conference & Expo in Denver on Monday, June 27. The time will be 10:40-11:25. More news as the conference approaches, and we look forward to seeing you there!

NumbersAlive! at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair!

We showcased the Hi 5! Book, Hello Numbers Discovery Pack (Hello Numbers book and the Hello Numbers backpack of small plush numbers), as well as the Number Linx puzzle. Our display was at the Forewords booth of independent USA publishers, because Hi 5! Was selected by Forewords as one of 25 best independently published children’s books of 2015.

Weirdly, Number 8 disappeared from the backpack one night at a B2B show! — see our tweet and picture. They could not figure out why 8 — I thought likely a Chinese connection, since 8 is the lucky number of China.

Oh no! 8 snuck away from the team. Is 8 on its way to China to make NumbersAlive! Lucky in China?

I also met with Y Factory folks (Sue and Ryan) of Korea. We are working on an app to release in fall 2016.

April 11: 1776 EdTech Community Monthly Lunch: Integrating EdTech with Diverse Teaching Styles

We hope that you are as excited as we are for our April EdTech Community Monthly Lunch that will take place April 11 from 12:00-1:00 PM at our DC Campus!

The lunch will be led by Numbers Alive Founder and CEO Rebecca Klemm who will be talking about “Integrating EdTech with Diverse Teaching Styles.

For those of you coming to campus, please go directly to the Boardroom; lunch will be ready for you there. For those attending remotely, join us via Hangouts here!

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